Property management services in Bangalore.

People find property management in Bangalore is a difficult task as it requires a lot of effort. Being busy with their own life, they are unable to devote that much time to these properties. Due to lack of maintenance, these properties remain vacant most of the time.

So, to manage the property on a regular basis, people look for a property management company in Bangalore. They look for a company that can provide the best property management services. This is where the role of AR Properties begins. We make property management in Bangalore a hassle-free process for you. So, if are you looking for a comprehensive solution for property management in Bangalore? We have got you covered.

Our Services

End to end property management

AR Properties keeps you at ease by providing end-to-end property management services in Bangalore. We understand that People find property management in Bangalore a cumbersome process. Especially, when they are away from the property. AR Properties manages everything for you till one year of the agreement. Right from site visits, to periodic inspection, repair, and maintenance, we do it all for you.

Rental Management

A rental property serves as an extra source of income for NRIs. This is one way to use your vacant property in a judicious manner. Our AR Properties team offers the best rental property management services. It aims to keep your property rented and provide you with maximum rent. From tenant searches and site visits to handing over the keys to the tenant, AR Properties manages it all.

Custom property management

AR Properties aims to maintain your property as per your need. We provide customized property management services as per your requirements. Be it monitoring of property or khata transfer, AR Properties serves you in the best possible way. Be it payment of property tax, or registration of property, AR Properties does it all. You ask for it and we do it for you. That is what makes AR Properties the best property management company in India.

Online Rent Agreement

AR Properties has recently launched an online rent agreement service. To save time for both parties, we introduced an online rent agreement facility. This service has made life peaceful for both parties. They need not go anywhere and can avail services at the ease of their home. We offer online facilities for stamp paper, drafting, and E-signature. You can now have access to everything online.

What do we offer?

End to End Property Management

Term : 1 year

Service Fee : 1.25 x One
month rent

For subsequent year 0.5 x
one month rent if tenant remains

Rental Management

Term : Till property is
handed over to tenant

Service Fee : One month



Custom Property Management

Term : 1 year

Service Fee : Depends on
services selected

ServicesEnd to End Property
Rental Management
Site visit to assess repair, utilities & society rules
Police Verification & Rent Agreement
Facilitate tenant move-in/out
Resolve dispute, if any
Periodic visit to property
Posting and publishing in multiple channel
Collection of security deposit and 1st rent
Repair & Maintenance
Connect with prospective Tenant and show flat
Complete society formality
Payment to statutory authorities